[ENG] Moroccan Street Food Series / مأكولات الشوارع المغربية – CookingWithAlia

Check the amazing “Moroccan Street Food” series, a homage to the most popular Moroccan street foods… and also a nostalgic kiss to my childhood memories while growing up in Morocco. Try them and let me know what you think!!!

0:20 Maakouda / معقودة (RECIPE: )

4:15 Tayb O’hari Chickpeas / حمص طايب وهاري (RECIPE: )

6:25 Krachel, Moroccan Sweet Rolls / القراشل، لفات مغربية حلوة – (RECIPE: )

9:57 Beignets / البيني – (RECIPE: )

14:44 Moroccan Coconut Macaroons / حلوى جوز الهند المغربية (RECIPE: )

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