How To Prepare Banana and Strawberry Milkshake

We are 7 years today, Yippi.
Shouts out to you all our amazing Youtube friends.
Your encouragements, suggestions, likes, thumbs down, corrections etc.etc, have helped us immensely.
God bless you all.
We are looking forward to an exciting time with twists and modern ways of preparing out our meals and goodies.

Ingredients in this recipe.
Servings 2 adults

1 finger of big size banana
3 large size strawberries
1 cup fresh milk/ 1 cup dissolved milk powder

1.Pour a cup of milk into your blender/ processor
2. Peel and cut the banana , and add to the milk
3. cut of the leaves and add the strwberries as well.
4. Blend to a smooth shake
5. serve in glasses/ dessert cups
6. Garnish with a slice of the banana or strawberry

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