How To Prepare Lasagna/ Lasagne

Using homemade minced beef stew to prepare Lasagna/ Lasagne.

Ingredients In this recipe:

1. A bowl of homemade minced beef stew.
2. A bottle of lasagne creamy sauce.
3. A box of Lasagne sheets.
4. Grated mozzarella cheese & or cheddar cheese

1. With your oven dish washed and dried, put enough of the stew in the base of the pan/dish, and spread evenly.
2. Lay/spread the flat pasta/lasagne sheets on the stew.

3. Pour enough of the sauce on the sheets and spread evenly as well.

4. Repeat the steps the by spreading more of the stew on the sauce.
5. Sprinkle the cheese onto the layers.

6. Lay the sheets of the dish and spread well to cover all parts.

7. Pour the lasagne sauce on the dish and spread well.

8. Add another layer of the minced beef stew.

9. Add more of the cheddar cheese and the grated the mozzarella cheese evenly on the dish.

10. Preheat oven for 5-10 minutes.

11. Put the dish in the oven on medium heat for between 25 -30 minutes.

12. Take from oven, allow to cool a bit and serve as lunch or dinner.

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