How To Preparing Spicy Grilled Mackerel

Grilled spicy mackerel

Ingredients in this recipe

• 2 normal size fresh mackerel
• Have slice lemon
• 2 scotch bonnet
• 3 gloves of garlic
• Half medium size ginger
• 1 sweet/ bell pepper of any colour
• Stock cubes/ seasons of choice
• White/black pepper
• Salt to taste
• Cooking oil


1. Wash and clean the mackerel, removing all unwanted parts.
2. Cut the fish into desired sizes.
3. Squeeze the lemon juice on the fish for a few minutes (to help reduce the fishy smell, plus add a nice tangy / zesty flavour).
4. Cut your ginger, garlic, sweet pepper, seasons, salt if needed as well into your blender.
5. Pour enough oil to the vegetables and blend them together till smooth.
6. Wash of the lemon juice from the fish and pat them(fish) dry.
7. Put the fish in the halogen oven or the baking tray and add the smoothly blended spices onto the fish.
8. Make sure to generously spread the blended season/spice onto all parts of the fish
9. Allow the fish to marinade for about half an hour.
10. Preheat oven for five minutes and put the fish in for about 20 minutes on medium heat.
11. Take the fish and turn them over to cook on the other side for about 25 more minutes.
12. Take out of the oven when done, garnish and serve with your main meal.

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