My BIGGEST Nigerian Food Ingredients Haul | All Nigerian Recipes

This is so far my biggest Nigerian food ingredients haul! Enjoy the video and get to know some of the most traditional Nigerian ingredients. I buy 90% of the Nigerian food ingredients from Nigeria because where I live, I can only buy yam, palm oil, black eyed beans, cocoyam and habanero peppers.

Recipes and videos mentioned in the video:
Recipes that require peeling of beans:

Okpa Recipe:

Ukwa recipe:

Noodles Suya Recipe:

Shredded Oil Bean (Ukpaka) recipes:

Bitterleaf Soup:

High End Ponmo:

Peppered Snail recipe:

How to remove snail slime:

Follow me to the Market:

Egusi Soup:

Ogbono Soup:

How to make crayfish:

Garden Egg Sauce:

How to Wrap Moi Moi with Uma leaves:

How to Preserve Moi Moi Leaves:

Mint Leaves:

Ora Soup:

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Nigerian food is yummy!

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