Religion: The Black Community’s Opioid // SAY IT LIKE IT IS – Ep 29

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As a black man born into a Christian family, I’ve always wondered why we desperately clutch on to a religion brought by the Colonial Masters. Christianity offers us the God of the slave and colonial masters which is the white Jesus.

David Livingstone was one of several European Missionaries who spent the best part of their lives to bring Western Christianity to the African continent. This involved brutal daily cycle of exploitation, countless killings, imprisonment and slavery as we know it. – This is Christianity.

Christianity commenced as a Jewish Cult in the middle east and later spread to Africa. In the fourth century, it was adopted by Roman Emperor and later dominated by white Europeans who pushed it aggressively into Africa through the use of colonialism and also imposed the image of Jesus as white.

All of these gave birth to the mind and mental slavery of the black man who desperately believes in the baseless hope offered by the biblical fictions and
orchestrations. Christianity today has absolutely sabotaged Africa where the growth of poverty is on the rise and its people constantly sold false “hope” by preachers in exchange for cash.

Surprisingly, The Bible does not condemn Slavery but in fact it simply condones it.


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